HIRUN INTERNATIONAL is an engineering company having its roots in the deep heart of the most modern and advanced civil engineering technologies.

The core of the company is composed by pioneers that in the last 50 years had a leading position in developing worldwide very important technologies such as: structural bearings, expansion joints, post-tensioning system, anti-vibration and anti-seismic systems.

The Directors of the company in the past years were proudly involved in the definition of international standards or key specifications such as: EN1337 (European standard for structural bearings), EN15129 (European standard for antiseismic devices), special bearings for High speed railway lines (as examples in Italy, Taiwan and China) and Metro lines (as example the Bangkok metro system).

In the past years, the evidence of the strong innovation attitude is represented by several patent issued and this aim is still well alive in the company. Patents and customized unique solutions such as: special dampers, new materials for different applications, customized combinations and applications of different structural devices. This attitude is pushing the company to a never ending improvement.

HIRUN INTERNATIONAL, is now a specialized company for the application, the design, the production, the installation and the testing of Structural bearings, Seismic devices, Expansion joint, Post-tensioning systems and Anti vibration devices

A special attention is dedicated to the quality of the products. We design and produce starting from the control of the internal process; we are qualified ISO:9001 and we got several international qualifications such as the CE marking certificate for our products.

To achieve the above mentioned targets we created a very successful cooperation with partners in many fields such as: industries producing innovative materials, factories, universities and seismic laboratories in many parts of the world. Our partners are diversified for location and capacity in order to create an active and efficient network which can cooperate to match the most challenging needs of all the clients.

HIRUN INTERNATIONAL combines the experience coming from more than 50 years in the field with the most qualified, efficient and modern technologies in addition to an extremely dynamic and smart approach granting the successful presence worldwide.

We aim to become the leading specialized company for the most peculiar and important civil engineer projects in the world: THE ENGINEERING SOLUTION.