The any kind of bridge solution, up the maximum possible spans and lengths.

In spherical bearings the rotational element is a convex spherical calotte with sliding material mating with a spherical sliding element. The are used in combination with flat sliding elements and guides to form free and guided bearings spherical bearings or combined with a flat sliding element can be used together with a restraining ring to form fixed bearings.

Main Field

Any kind of bridges up to very big span.

Steel bridges. Railway bridges. Bridges in hot climates. Prefabricated structures


Requires trained team. Very easy for prefabricated structures 40%


≥100years 100%


Corrosion protection after 15 years 40%


Can be economical if combined with a size reduction 40%

Vertical load

No limits + can reduce size 100%

Horizontal load

No limit 100%


High 5% or more 100%


No limit 100%

Fire resistence

High 100%

Spherical calotte bearings are suitable to accommodate high rotations, up to 0.05 rad or more

Sliding material may be PTFE according to EN 1337.2 or HI3.

HI3 is a superior performance sliding material developed by HIRUN INTERNATIONAL to grant top level compressive strength, wear resistance and heat resistance.

They are suitable for any kind of bridge, up the maximum possible spans and lengths

HIFLOW bearings with special sliding material HI3 are suitable for railway bridges where the wear resistance is essential to grant a long service life; they are also suitable for very hot climates.

Thanks to the high compressive strength they can minimize the dimensions and the cost.

Thanks to their high rotation capacity they can greatly simplify the installation with prefabricated structures.


Free Sliding

Sliding Guided


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